How to Open a Demat Account in Nepal?

Do you want to open a Demat account in Nepal? Learn everything about creating a Demat account in Nepal to get into the stock market.

How to Open a Demat Account in Nepal?

A Demat (Dematerialized) account is the most important thing you need to get started in the share market.

In this article, you’ll learn about the basics of a Demat account and how you can get one to get into the stock market in Nepal.

Let’s first understand what dematerialization and the Demat account actually are.

Dematerialization and Demat Account

It is the process of conversion of physical shares to digital or electronic forms. So dematerialization is the process of dematerializing your share certificates into digital form. Dematerialization of share facilitates the ease of accessibility, accelerates the process of settlement, and has many other added benefits.

A dematerialized account (aka Demat account in short) is an account which is required to hold your stocks or equities in digital format. If you want to invest in the stock market in Nepal, it is mandatory to have a Demat account since 2074 BS.

Refer below to learn the requirements and procedure to create a Demat Account in Nepal.


Before learning about the actual procedure to create a Demat account in Nepal, let’s see the requirements first. Any Nepali citizen can open their Demat account in Nepal and it is fairly a simple process. No matter if you are a minor or an adult, you can create a Demat account. There may be slight changes on the required documents though.

If you are an adult, you need to have the following documents to create a Demat account.

  • Original and Photocopy of citizenship certificate
  • Passport size photograph
  • Photo and Citizenship certificate in case of adding a successor

In the case of a minor(under 18 years of age), a guardian can operate the account of the minor till s/he becomes major. In this case, the photograph and birth certificate of the minor along with the photocopy of the guardian’s citizenship certificate is needed.

Opening a Demat Account in Nepal

Now let’s get into the actual process of opening a Demat account. The process of opening a Demat account is as easy as opening a bank account. You can open a Demat account with a Depository Participant which is permitted from the Securities and Exchange board.

Let’s see the process step-wise:

1. Choose a Depository Participant

First, you need to choose a Depository Participant(DP) with which you want to create a Demat account. In Nepal, various financial institutions, stockbrokers, commercial and development banks offer DP services.

Here is a list of all the Depository Participants from the official website of SEBON.

You can choose a DP as per your requirements and needs.

I recommend creating a Demat account with a bank as it is easily accessible to many people and you can get many services at a single spot by creating a Demat account with a bank.

2. Submit Form and KYC

After you have chosen a DP as per your requirement, the next step is to fill and submit an account opening form, personal KYC, and meroshare form.

MeroShare is an online software by CDSC which facilitates the beneficiary to view your Demat details online.

3. Get your BOID Number and MeroShare Details

Once you have submitted all the required documents and the application forms, you’ll receive a 16-digits unique BOID from your DP. This means your Demat account has been created successfully. It may take from a few days to a week.

Along with it, you will receive your MeroShare credentials on the email you submitted on your MeroShare application form. With MeroShare you can apply for IPOs online, transfer shares when you sell your stocks, and also do EDIS of your stocks. The first time you log in with your credentials, you’ll be asked to change the password and also set a 4 digit transaction pin. Make sure to keep your MeroShare credentials and pin safely.

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If you have shares in physical form in the form of share certificates, you can dematerialize them so that they start appearing in your Demat account. Here’s a complete guide to demat your physical shares once you have created an account.

How To Create a Demat Account Online in Nepal?

Many depository participants are providing a service of online Demat account creation due to the influx of a large number of new investors into the stock market. You can search for Banks and financial institutions to provide such service in Nepal, fill and submit an application form from their website and apply for a Demat account online.

Charges for Creating a Demat Account in Nepal

Initially, it costs Rs. 50 to create a Demat account and you have to pay Rs.100 annually. So you may have to pay Rs.150 at the time of creating your Demat account.

Also additional Rs. 50 is charged annually for meroshare. So you have to pay Rs.150 annually to renew your Demat account and meroshare. The charges for renewal can be paid through online wallets like Esewa, Khalti, ConnectIPS, etc.

How Many Demat Account Can I Own?

In Nepal, an individual can own up to 2 Demat accounts. But if you apply for an IPO with your two Demat accounts, your both applications will be counted invalid. So it is advised to create and manage a single Demat account.


I hope this article will answer most of the queries related to creating a Demat account in Nepal.

In case you want to start your career in the stock market in Nepal, a Demat account is a must. Creating a Demat account has never been easy. You can visit a Depository Participant near you or fill an online form today to create a Demat account.

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Happy investing!

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